Topic: WHat does everyone have against Digital leisure, Bplus, and the like?

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Chatham wrote:

I love how Nintendo fanboys get mad about long development times on a system that doesn't allow for TUs, which means longer dev times that Sony or MS. And fanboys are mad that Rare made not one, but 2 previously Nintendo-exclusive series and threw them onto 360...

The reason it seems like the competitors are just dumping content onto their system is that they can "patch" anything that isn't caught in initial release... While Nintendo goes over everything with a fine-toothed comb because of their vendetta against updates/patches.

Erm... did you post this in the wrong thread, perhaps? What does this have to do with Bplus and Digital Leisure?

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Digital Leisure is shovelware last I checked.

But I think Bplus' games actually look fairly interesting and ambitious.Plattchen isn't my thing, but the core game was supposedly good, they just convulated it with gimmick upon gimmick.
I actually wanted to try Niki Rolly Thingy, but people have been harping about bad control, so that put me off a bit, but I might try it sometime.


I'm starting to think Bplus should get a fairer shake; maybe when I get my points card windfall (come on, Amazon!).

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Bplus didn't start very well by releasing their game full price at home, while exporting at a cheaper price.

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I do not hate B+ because their first game was not even a B+. They most likely needed experience on what works and not. Given the relatively forgiving environment of WiiWare, they have better opportunities to correct those errors in newer games. (The reason why there is so much "shovelware" in WiiWare can be related to the reason why younguer drivers are more accident-prone; given the general lack of experience of the majority of WiiWare developers, they are bound to shovel some ware before getting things right.)

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