Topic: What are the worst WiiWare games you own as rated by NintendoLife and do you agree with the score?

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Need to update a score from a post I made in January.

ROBOCALYPSE - Beaver Defense initially got a 4/10 from me, but now that I've beaten it I can give it a final rating: 7/10.
Despite the gross presentation, lacking polish, and a few flaws, I'm willing to rate the core game a solid 7/10. It's just 10 missions in the story mode, and 5 endless missions but they were fun to beat for just 600pts. Everything else, from the menus to the cutscenes and to the extras option was just horrible and the main reason for my initial notsogood 4/10 firstlook-rating.
"equilibrio" was another WiiWare game that didn't look like much in the beginning, but it managed to be lots of fun in 4-player-splitscreen and playing with the Balance Board. I apologize for my harsh critics, but this was one of those games that didn't look like much and needed time to grow.


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