Topic: Top 10 Wiiware games?

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What was that Poles big Adventure like? I read something about it here. Wasn't there some kind of an adult theme to it or in parts?

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My first article here was a First Impressions of it; my review is here. It's like a nice riff on Super Mario Bros. (right down to the castle at the end of every stage). It's no wonder it's been in the top 10 (and often top 5) on the Japanese WiiWare shop download chart since it first released wayyyy back in February 2009.

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Pole seems nice. Why not for Europe or USA? Do you know?

A new Fantasy Tactical RPG will be announced for WiiWare this month.


I suspect localisation and content issues (8-bit erections might be a problem for some people -- and there's blood, aaaaarrrrgh!), but it's Sega, so I wouldn't say "never"...

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10. Dr. Mario Online RX
9. Midnight Pool
8. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
7. Bit.Trip Beat
6. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
5. LostWinds
4. LIT
3. Toki Tori
2. Mega Man 9
1. World of Goo



1 dr.mario
2 high voltage hot rod show
3 my life as a king
4 ff4 tay
5 grovving blocks
6 strongbad
7 bomberman blast
8 onslagut
9 bubble bobble plus
10 tv show king



man all you guys get so many games. i only have 6 wii shop games (3 wiiware, 3VC) so i guess ill just list those in order
1. World of Goo
2. Swords and Soldiers
3. Super Metroid
4. Lost Winds
5. Megaman 3
6. kirby and the crystal shards

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I no particular order
1. Neves
2. Megaman 9
3. Onslaught
4. Gradius Rebirth
5. Eduardo TST
6. Alien Crush Returns
7. Equilibrio
8. Lostwinds
9. Art Style Rotohex
10. Bit Trip. Beat

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