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If you haven't checked, the new games for this month are Excitebike: World Rally, You, Me, and the Cubes, and Metal Torrent (first two are Wiiware and the last one is eshop). It's also worth noting that the prices have gone up, listed at 200, 200, and 150 respectively, whereas all previous games were 100-150. Anybody getting any of these? Personally, I'm considering one of the WiiWare games, as I've had my eye on both for a long time. With the price hike, I can only afford one of them, but hey, it's still free!

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Already bought Metal Torrent and Excitebike and both are pretty fun. I've got no coins left though, even after doing a million surveys. I am close to platinum though. I love Nintendo!

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I've wanted to try You, Me, and the Cubes for a long time - but ran out of Wii points and wasn't keen on buying more. Downloaded yesterday night and will start playing after finishing Fluidity.


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I just bought You, Me, and the Cubes. Looks like an interesting one!


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Any opinions on you, me and the cubes?
debating grabbing it



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