Topic: Swords & Soldiers going to be released in the U.S. June 8

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I have looked it up and Romino confirmed that the game will be distributed next Monday. So feel happy that this is also coming to the U.S.




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Best news of E3!

Come on, friends,
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Right on! Been waiting like mad for this!

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Yes,it's about time!!



So what was the "Goody Bag"?

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weirdadam wrote:

Best news of E3!

That is highly debatable. But yes, good news. I'll be getting this with my next points card.

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I'll be buying it day one for once. That's how excited I am for it. The last points I bought was back all the way in April. I plan to give it my all to win aforementioned "goodie bag"!

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Instant download for me! I can't wait!



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