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Well, I guess that's it.
Too bad. Looked promising.



A real shame. I have it on PC but would really like to play it in sideways Wiimote mode.

ooh. /me looks into some bluetooth-pc-wiimote fandooglery

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The game is brilliant. If any of you own an Xbox, you have no excuse not to download it now.

Also, rumor has it that several regular visitors here own a "computer," whatever that is. If this (admittedly unsubstantiated) rumor is to be believed, you can already be playing it RIGHT THIS MINUTE GO DOWNLOAD IT I AM SERIOUS




Wow, this really stinks for Wii owners. I have it on my Xbox 360 but I do feel bad for you guys and gals. It really is a great game.



Glad i d/L'd the 360 version.

And by the way, you don't need to used the 360 d-pad. The analog stick works really well with how the game controls.

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If only there was some way I could connect my Wii controller (and by extension, my Classic controller) up to my PC to play this game with steam...

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You can, assuming your computer has Bluetooth. I use Wiiji on my Mac. Windows users use GlovePIE I think.

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I was just pulling swiket's leg.

I've little intention of buying the PC version. Wii or nothing.

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The PC version is great and cheap. In fact, I would choose it over the XBLA and WiiWare versions anyway.

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Speaking of holding the Wiimote sideways, I totally hate that. I keep hitting the damn B button on the underside of the Wiimote. I always have to hope for CC support.

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I've just had the misfortune of playing this game - I say misfortune because I bloody loved it and knew it wouldn't be coming to WiiWare. I don't really think I could play this on the PC - it's definately a sofa game so I'm going to hold my breath for a disc release.

I can't believe they're having so much trouble finding a publisher, though. Here we have a finished game that's highly praised, lots of fun and has a massive following already - yet a peice of shovelware crap will not only get published, but will also probably get an advert with the Redknaps, Nicole Kidman and Patrick Stewart.



mariofanatic128 wrote:

Hopefully it will be ported to 3DSware.

That's what I'm hoping, but I'm getting it on PC (I'm getting the special limited edition disc)


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The Fox wrote:

Speaking of holding the Wiimote sideways, I totally hate that. I keep hitting the damn B button on the underside of the Wiimote.

I haven't had much problem with that, though I have the wiimote jacket on it to make it more comfortable.


The WiiWare version would of been perfect because the Wii remote on it's style feels so NES retro. I couldn't imagine playing it with the XBOX 360 controller and as for the PC Version...I honestly just don't like playing videogames on the computer.

And why is it looking 'grim' for a retail release for the Wii? I wanna get my meat on, but I'm doing it on the XBOX 360(and because I don't have one anymore) or the PC.

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WaveBoy wrote:

And why is it looking 'grim' for a retail release for the Wii?

They need to find a publisher. According to Team Meat, that's not going well.

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They had Nintendo as a Publisher for Super Meat Boy on WiiWare.
Team Meat must have done some horrible mistakes to lose em (like not being capable to get some old flash game right on Wii).

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The way you stated that comment makes me think you have some bias towards the dev, but I'll answer anyway.

Super Meat Boy was going to be self-published on WiiWare, like it is on 360 and Steam (the latter of which is shown on the store page). On places like Metacritic, only Team Meat was noted (as the developer), and in the game's opening credits, there is no publisher logo.

Super Meat Boy is no longer a flash game, that was the original, Meat Boy. The graphics are beautiful in motion to the point that my PC has a hard time running them except for on low detail. Also, the devs are sorry the game became to large to put on Wii, but they'd rather make it the best it could be than hold back for Wii. It was never meant to be a Nintendo-exclusive anyway.

I hope this helps.

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