Topic: So... is anyone interested in the new Gnomzzz game at all?

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I really dig the art style, and the trailer makes it look a LOT more fleshed out than the original Gnomzzz game. It also seems reasonably priced at 500 points. I can't find any other information on the game though. Is it an auto-scrolling platformer like Bit Trip Runner? Do you have to switch between different gnomes to use their abilities like in Lost Vikings? How much content and variety is in the game?



zezhyrule wrote:

Never heard of it

It came out yesterday in the US. Its full name is "2 Fast 4 Gnomz"



I saw a gameplay trailer for it on YouTube and it does look better than the original game. I like the fact that it is a platformer and that it is only 500 points. I always thought that the art style was pretty cool looking too. I'm considering picking it up but I think that I am going to wait for the review first.



I liked the first game a bit, that arena jump-on-the-head GNÖMZ. For 500pts I´ll give the series another try. The different take on the gameplay could turn out fun... EU release in sight?


I regret buying this game. so many cheap deaths it's not fun at all.

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A wiiware game in the year 2012...

isn't La Mulana

isn't Retro City Rampage

isn't Lost Winds 3

... nope

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I might download the demos for both games sometime in the future. I am more interested in 2 Fast 4 Gnomz then I am for the original Gnomz.



anything for the sake of making a topic...well i wouldnt get it since i dont have my wii no more and wouldnt buy it anyways

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I would buy 2 FAST 4 GNOMZ, need more RUNNER games.

I already have GNÖMZ and it was a simple fun multiplayer party platformer with enough friends.

So what's the news on 2 FAST 4 GNOMZ being released in Europe?


I decided to buy this... it's really quite a good game for only 5 bucks. The game has a very polished look to it - everything is vivid and colorful and animates smoothly. The zany music and sound effects fit the theme of the game really well, but the one song that plays in the background does tend to grate on you after a while. As far as the gameplay is concerned, there's plenty of fun and challenging platforming to be had here. The different gnome abilities gives the game plenty of variety while making it feel somewhat fresh and unique, and trying to collect all of the socks in each level is very addictive. It does have some moderate control issues - there seems to be a delay in letting go of the jump button, so often times you'll find yourself accidentally performing a small hop as you land on a platform, leading to your death - but if you can look past that, it's quite a good buy for platforming fans. I know the review here complained about having trouble distinguishing background objects from foreground obstacles, and while that was an issue for me as well at first, I was still able to get a feel for which pieces of scenery are harmful after a short time playing.



I played both demos. Gnomz is very boring and lack movements to fight, while 2 fast 4 Gnoms has many gameplay problems like the objects, some backgrounds kills while others not and it kill the game.

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I have both games (full versions) and I like 'em,
especially 2 FAST 4 GNOMZ which I reviewed on

I don't see any problems. The game has a few traps like every challenging runner game. You will die once at some spikes that are hard to spot at this ridiculous speed but next time you know you have to jump. What's so bad about this? I lost probably 5000 lives completing this game 100.0%, but it never felt frustrating, as in fact you have no time to be frustrated. You're instantly warped just straight back to the last checkpoint and can try again (with unlimited lives).

However, there are no objects that kill you at one time and leave you unharmed the next time. Yeah, there are a few glitchy moments in 1 or 2 out of the 80 stages and a few minor graphical glitches, but all in all it's pretty good. I like it more than the other runner games (BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Tomena Sanner) because man, this game is just ten times faster!


One thing I find annoying about trying to collect all of the socks is that sometimes you'll miss a sock but you won't have an opportunity to kill yourself before reaching the next checkpoint or finish line. Meaning that you'll have to restart the entire level to collect all of the socks, instead of starting over from the last checkpoint like you do if you kill yourself.



Just finished it at 100%, though like SKTTR I couldn't collect two of the socks on that one level because they were inside some spikes. I didn't like how the game abruptly went into the credits after you beat the final level, I wish it had some sort of an ending sequence. Overall, it was a flawed yet very enjoyable experience.



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