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I have a question. Do you think Nintendo should put Ura Zelda on WiiWare?

For those of you who don't know what Ura Zelda is allow me to explain:

From Zeldapedia:

Ura Zelda (literally, "Another Zelda") was the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive expansion disk designed for Ocarina of Time. However, due to the failure of the 64DD as a platform, the game was never released on that platform. Instead, it was eventually released on a bonus disk for the Nintendo GameCube included with preorders for The Wind Waker.

''During the early stages of development, two significantly different Ocarina of Time expansions were planned for the 64DD. One, entitled Ura Zelda, would include alternate more difficult dungeons (such as the Unicorn Fountain) and new enemies, while the other, Zelda Gaiden, would include a different overworld and an entirely new adventure. While Zelda Gaiden would eventually evolve into Majora's Mask, Ura Zelda was never released on the Nintendo 64 as a standalone game.

''Ura Zelda was actually a patch for Ocarina of Time. The 64DD version was designed so that the original Ocarina of Time cartridge would be plugged into the main Nintendo 64 console while the Ura Zelda expansion disk would be plugged into the 64DD that sat underneath the console. Upon the insertion of the Ura Zelda expansion disk, the Ocarina of Time title screen would change slightly, adding a Triforce icon and "Ura Zelda" on the bottom of the logo. The size of this patch was supposedly about 32-64 megabytes, and due to the smaller maximum size of Nintendo 64 cartridges, the game could not otherwise be released on a cartridge.

''Eventually, due to repeated delays in production and development, Ura Zelda's release as a 64DD add-on was scrapped, even as the game was finishing production. As a result, there is no 64DD version of this game available to the general public. Due to public demand for the completed game however, Ura Zelda was released on the Nintendo GameCube as Ocarina of Time Master Quest on a bonus disc for those who pre-ordered The Wind Waker. The game was not truly ported in the technical sense but merely running under emulation, so there were some noticeable inaccuracies in the presentation of both Ocarina of Time and Master Quest as they appeared on this disc.

''However, whether Master Quest is actually the end result of the Ura Zelda project or merely a quick level-edit to quiet demands and entice preorders is a matter of debate among fans. One significant piece of evidence against it being Ura Zelda is that ROM rips of the game show the game to be the same number of megabits in size as a standard Ocarina of Time ROM, whereas the original concept was to include content above and beyond what an N64 cartridge could possibly hold. It also did not contain any of the promised additional enemies.

So,what does everybody think about this?



If they did put it up for download, they'd put it on VC because it's technically an N64 game (64DD), and that's unlikely because it was never released. It's about as likely as them putting up Star Fox 2, or a game only shown as a demo.

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Yes, of course I want it!



Hmm. I'm wondering now what they actually did with Ura Zelda. Seems like they used a lot of new space for just some level edits. I'll bet they scrapped most of the project. :/

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I would love to have it in my collection, so hopefully Nintendo releases it at some point or another.

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No doubt they'll release it, it's emulated on the Wind Waker bonus disc, so it can almost definitely be emulated on VC. The REAL question is, will they release the F-Zero X Expansion Kit?

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Based on my reading the full Zeldapedia post, I'd say that Master Quest isn't really Ura Zelda. After all, Master Quest doesn't REALLY have alternate dungeons (just slightly altered layouts of existing dungeons, which is NOT the same thing), and it doesn't have any new enemies at all. The higher projected memory of Ura Zelda relative to the size of master Quest further suggests more actual new data, such as would be needed for entirely new dungeons and monsters.

With all that said, I doubt we'll ever get to play the REAL Ura Zelda in any form. Just like the early plans for the Oracle games, the original vision has been lost forever. I hope I'm wrong in saying that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not, sadly.

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Yeah, I second Stuffgamer1
Master Quest is definitely not Ura Zelda. I've played through it and there is no Unicorn Fountain. Like Stuffgamer said, the game contains ALL THE SAME dungeons with new layouts, requiring you to complete tasks within the dungeons or entering rooms in a new order. I had never even heard of Ura Zelda til this post, but boooooy would I like to get my hands on that badboy.

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Here is more information on Ura Zelda and removed elements in Ocarina of Time//

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