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Developed by Senile Team.
Published by RedSpotGames.
EU Release: 2012-04-19 (900 Wii Points)

I can't get Rush Rush Rally Racing this week.
Post your impressions here.

How are the controls, graphics, course design, multiplayer, music?
How much content, unlockables, etc.?

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The controls are very tight, you make small taps on the d-pad to steer. The buttons are fully configurable in the options, so any button you like is gas, brake, back, or item (in multi-play.) Also, the classic and gamecube controller are supported, which I recommend using.
The music is great
Graphics are as in the trailer: good clean 2D graphics, and cartoon-like ending movies.
It has enough courses, I still haven't unlocked all of them. You need to memorize the course to become first though. Content is good: 3 single player modes, and 3 multi-player modes, and I had fun with all of them.
The Goals will keep you busy as well (like achievements). The goals also hint at unlockable cars, and I know tracks can be unlocked to be played in multi-player. So I still have plenty to do in the game.



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