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Hello I am new to Nintendo Life and was wondering if anyone has heard any word on River City Ransom 2 WiiWare release? It originally was supposed to be released Spring - Summer 2011 but haven't heard any news since. Any news would be greatly appreciated.




So far, information is scarce. Nor, has there been any news for a western release of Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball which was released in July this year in Japan. so a western release for River City Ransom 2 seems unlikely.

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Yeah I kinda figured it wouldn't get released in America. WiiWare has had a lot of VaporWare and it gets frustrating. I will hope for the best that RCR2 sees the light of day. Thanks for the reply.




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As for River City Ransom 2, don't get your hopes up. you might as well move to japan.

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This is very disappointing, I played River City Ransom for the first time on the virtual console and I can say it was well worth the money. Great fun with a friend or even by yourself.

I was also looking forward for a release of Nintendo World Cup that featured the series characters. No luck...

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Apparently it hasn't been released in Japan either, because there's nothing about it on GameFAQs. Wikipedia and all of the internet search results are very outdated. They still say summer 2011. This is extremely frustrating.



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