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There are so many things featured in this game.

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I love this game. I´m sad the dev didn´t get a lot sales but it is not his fault, it is Nintendo fault for doing zero promotion to the downloads, even with the Wii U could do a boost to VC/Wiiware sales but they had the "magnificent" idea to hide the store in a hidden channel named Wii mode instead to put this catalog in Wii U eshop.

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Love the game but its his fault for releasing the game two years too late when the Wii U came out. Lots of WiiWare releases were financial successes at the right time.

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5000 people buying a finished and good game in 2013
50.000 people buying a rushed glitchy port in 2010.

Some developers are out there to make their games, and some are out there to make our money.

The biggest problem is without a doubt WiiWare being not presented, advertised, or available for download in the Wii U eShop.


OMG i still cant beat the end

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I absolutely need this game. It looks amazing, and I love virtual destruction for some completely random reason.

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I've been dreaming of this game on 3DS since it was first announced and now it just happened. OMG I'm so gonna get this game and play the **** out of it.

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It would be good if "Rom City Rampage" was also added to the NES VC. (Be one of the best NES games).

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To anyone unsure about doing the update, in the options menu you can choose between the DX version of the game and the original. Rom City Rampage is still included in both versions of the game as well. Now maybe one of these days I will get around to playing this game!



this game just got released on all the playstation platforms too. i was thinking about getting it on vita. but whats really cool is theres also a very, very limited release on physical disk for ps4 only. it looks really cool. and theres only like 2,000 being made! if i had a ps4 i would get one for sure. i bet they're going to be worth a lot of $$$ in the future.

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Is the Deluxe update now available? i need to go now for it.

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Just got the deluxe update yesterday. Wow, it's awesome that he released it on WiiWare because, honestly, there wasn't much reason to go back and do it for a dead platform.


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I remember that I bought the T Shirt and it included the WiiWare code... great sale that was. Truly a great game.

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I remember reading about this game 4 years ago...I need to download it.

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This is interesting Untitled

I am kinda surprised at how many copies have sold on 3DS. I haven't gotten the game as I want it on Wii U (which will probably never happen)

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There's a packaged version of this for the PS4 now. I saw it on the shelf in Best Buy just for one day, the next it was thrown in the discount bin with a $20 sticker on it, and they tried to sell it for $30 originally. It shocked me.



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