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I hear good and bad about this game but no game just trailers. Anyone know about the release of this game? Also, any opinions about it from what has been shown?



I've sent them an e-mail on February 3rd and asked for WiiWare release date but they haven't responded.

On their website there's still this information saying that it's in console certification and release date is January 2013.


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They swear it will be released soon....of course they have been saying that for a long, long time. I check dutifully every Thursday to see if it was released, and every Thursday I walk away with my head down. Still, it is probably the last Wii game on my must have list other than Pandora's Tower, so next week I will fire up the Wii, check the new WiiWare releases and probably be disappointed again. This was clearly a labor of love by Brian Provinciano, and I appreciate that he is still planning a WiiWare release despite the Wii's fading glory. I will buy it the moment I see it; I just hope a fair amount of other Wii owners do as well to reward his years of efforts on RCR.

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JusticeColde wrote:

It's going to be released this month instead because something has been added to the WiiWare version as a console bonus according to the RCR Twitter page..

No, they are adding something to compensate for the delay.



It is confirmed to be out next Thursday in Europe and the US - see



So I tried out the "ROM City Rampage" game at Nolan's Arcade, but there's no audio when playing it. Anyone else having the same issue or is the game silent?

How to access "ROM City Rampage" in Retro City Rampage:

EDIT: I guess other people have the same issue (according to the comments for the above video). I was looking forward to listening to the "NES" soundtrack


If anyone is interested in codes for the game, I've posted them here.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

ROM City Rampage is silent. Check the front page interview with the dev.

Great interview!



I'm getting error code 209531 when I try to view the title operations guide in the US Wii Shop Channel. No problem accessing any other guides I tried. Anyone else having this problem? I Googled and got zero hits. I don't own the game yet. I always read the guide before buying a game.

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I have about 1500 points just sitting on my old Wii Shop Channel looking for something to spend it on. For those who have put time into this, is it good just for the parodies and old school references? They look like a lot of fun and I would enjoy seeing what games and shows and things I enjoyed as a kid pop up next, but I don't like GTA and don't really want to struggle through gameplay I don't like just to laugh at the occassional joke. Do you really have to like GTA to like this game?


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The game is mission-based and focuses on a life of crime like GTA, but beyond's definitely got enough zest to stand up on its own. It's not just good for the parodies and references, though I will say they definitely do enrich they experience. There are also "arcade challenges" and NES-inspired segments (Rad Racer, Smash TV, TMNT) that break up the traditional mission-oriented gameplay. There's also a host of mini-games inspired by Gajin's other titles (Meat boy and Bit Trip namely). To be completely honest, I've never even played a GTA game for more than a couple minutes and I found this game to be easy to pick up and play. So no, you really don't have to like GTA to love the game.



I downloaded it yesterday and i play it a lot of hours, it is very funny and you can save replays of your high scores.

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Wow, this is great! The references I've caught so far (names have been changed): Working for the Joker to rob Scrooge's Money Bin, one of the cops is Axel from Streets of Rage, borrowing Sonic's sneakers to run at super speed, shooting down the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, traveling through a sewer system inspired by the original Mario Bros. game (not Super Mario Bros.), my hijacked time machine is being repaired by Doc Brown complete with Flux Capacitor, and that's just the opening set of missions. I'm pretty sure I've already missed some as well, like why the time machine resembles a phone booth.

The only real problem I have is that the controls work best with a traditional controller, but the controls are always listed only by the Wiimote controls. It took some trial and error to figure out how they translate, and it's still confusing to remember quickly enough when the game gives you a prompt of what you need to do next.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I had a Bart's Nightmare inspired dream, as well.

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I really gotta get this game soon, I'm just too lazy to get a Wii points card...



This game is excellent, it has a lot of jokes and references of retro games and movies. It is a 10/10.

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So I got this game for "free" when buying their T Shirt. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

Since I didn't transfer the Wii to Wii U, I've been so busy with Wii U and not with the Wii.... I wonder if I should get it on Wii proper or Wii through Wii U...

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Glad to see this coming to 3ds! Never got a chance to play it on the Wii

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coming to the 3DS!!!!! then I'll see what this fine looking game is about!!! hopefuly it ends only launching after my 3DS is fixed!

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Very excited about this one coming to 3DS. Already have it downloaded on PS3 and Vita, but if the 3D is utilized in this version, I'll happily buy-in again.

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