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I've recently downloaded Fast Racing League, and I think it's an awesome racer and maybe one of the top 5 best WiiWare titles that exist. But the AI and the learning curve maybe too much of a challenge for some gamers. So I'm starting this post specifically for strategy and FAQ help. I'm already aware that you can gain a large speed boost at the beginning of the race, if you accelerate exactly when the race announcer says "1.....GO". And I'm already aware of the other two speed boosts available, if your using the Wiimote and Nunchuk combo and hit accelerate as you cross the 2nd and 3rd lap of the race. If you have any additional strategies or FAQ info please add your replies. There are people who could use your help. I'm not saying I do though... wink... wink.

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please feel free to use this recent FAST Racing League thread to share strategy, tips, and whatever else you'd like to talk about regarding the game. thank you :3

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