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I just read the preview of Protocol in the January issue of Nintendo Power, and it's looks awesome! I've been waiting for another FPS since Water Warfare. It's kinda hard to describe, so can some one get some scans?


I took some pics with my DSi. Sorry for the low quality. I'll try to get a scan sometime tomorrow.


Need more infoz, this looks really cooool.



Don't leave us hanging, man! Type up some of the info from the article!



Lol! The top 2 results when googling 'protocol wiiware', are this thread and one on gamefaqs. There really is nothing out there. Need more infoz.............



Okay, I'll try to type up a short summary of the article. Protocol is an upcoming first-person-shooter for Wiiware from Sabarasa of Save the Turtles fame. It has a Tron like style of graphics. You play as a hacker, and are able to hack the rules of the game, so basically you kinda have to "cheat" to win. Each level has data lanes for players to mess around with to change the rules of the map, which can change gravity, teleporters, ect. It's a small scale shooter, 2-on-2 for local, 4-on-4 online. The maps are shaped like cubes, and you can use data lanes to teleport all around it, even to the 6 outer sides. Protocol uses a class system, like Team Fortress. There are many game modes. You can do local online co-op (you play co-op with people locally, but play people online). Apparently there's a chat system. It's coming early 2011.

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You already got the January Issue? No fair! I only got the Holiday Issue earlier this week!

Anyway, this does look insteresting, but don't forget that we've also got the Descent remake coming soon for a good WiiWare FPS.

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Man, WiiWare is getting a lot of shooters in 2011. Protocol, Descent, MDK2, and probably some others.


Xkhaoz wrote:

2-on-2 for local, 4-on-4 online. Protocol uses a class system, like Team Fortress. There are many game modes. You can do local online co-op (you play co-op with people locally, but play people online). Apparently there's a chat system. It's coming early 2011.

4 player online? Team fortress-like classes? Online co-op? OHHH MAN


I hope they release this soon. It will totally make up for the pap that is being released alongside a certain movie.



This sounds even better than I first pictured it when Sabarasa announced it. Can't wait for more info!!



Yeah I glanced over the article and the most mind blowing feature has to be the whole 4-on-4 split-screen online play. You can play against random people and not just friends in this fashion so you can get a decent match going without cumbersome friend codes. Too bad chat is limited to preset text messages. As a big FPS fan though I'm really excited.

Then again though, if you look at games announced for WiiWare versus games released, the good ones still haven't come yet. Where are they? Why has WiiWare been so filled with shovelware this year when I still see games on the coming soon list that look awesome? What about that other S&P-esque game from Sabarasa? Is that still coming.

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Yep, still coming. No news on it lately.



WOW! Really, this came as a fantastic surprise! I have wanted a game such as this for Wiiware for a really long time, and this whole game and it's concepts sound too good to be true. Seriously: splitscreen online co-op against other players, classes, interesting hacking mechanics, lots of game modes, etc! This together with FAST Racing League are now my top two most wanted Wiiware games.

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Oh, you're making me blush.

Few corrections about the "cube" thing. The producer is expressing the data lane concept with a metaphor using a cube. He didn't say or otherwise imply that the levels would be shaped like cubes. If you want cube shaped levels, may I suggest you look forward to another interesting WiiWare game, Aya and the Cubes of Light?

Oh, and nice DSi pictures. I didn't think it's pictures would look that nice. But just a future suggestion; don't stand in the way of the light source (basically, don't have your shadow in the picture. I'm not a pro at taking pictures, but I've had the best luck with taking pictures of glossy magazine pages with the light source to my left or right. If it's behind you, you get your shadow in the picture, and if it's infront of you then you usually just get a reflection of that light on the magazine. With the light to the left or right, you're not getting a shadow or a light glare. And the more well lit the room, the better the photos turn out, usually.

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Oh boy when I saw this on Nintendo Power, I was in love!
Seriously now THIS is what i wanted for Tron! After seeing Legacy which disappointed me in design I say I like the design of this game better!

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Is there any idea of when a Release date will be for this? Or pricing? I wanna know so I can save up my money for it! XD

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