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I think PopCap Games should make a Peggle game for WiiWare. Peggle is one of the most fun and addicting puzzle games ever, imo. I have the Xbox Live version and iPod and they are both great. I would like to see new levels and challenges, and wifi and local multiplayer. Who else thinks we should see this released for WiiWare?

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DSiWare first, since puzzle games are always better portable, and I'm not sure yet that I want to spend for the full retail DS version. But certainly WiiWare would be nice as well.

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Peggle, I've seen the Zero Punctuation review and it does look quite interesting. I'd definitely be up for it on WiiWare -- seems obvious, no?

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Peggle WiiWare would be an incredibly good fit. I have it for the PC and am still working my way through the challenges. A (kind of) mindless game, but oh so much fun.




Peggle is awesome! However, Peggle: Dual Shot on the DS is now only $20 at Gamestop! That is a great bargain as the DS version is crammed with content: Peggle&Peggle Nights, challenges, plus exclusive underground levels so you can rack up even more points! I prefer playing without the stylus though. The D-pad works great for lining up your shots!

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Peggle rules. I have extreme version for PC



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