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KnapNok Games will have their popular art drawing application for WiiWare on September 8, 2011 for only 500 points in the US region.

Up to 4 people can doddle and draw art, even a baby option for younger children to draw with the Wii remote as their paint brush. All drawings can be even saved to an SD card and transfered to a computer that has a SD card slot so family and friends can check out the drawings the creator(s) has done on the WiiWare.

This should be a must have for those that like to draw pictures on their TV screen and for a low price. A PAL region release date will be announced for a future date.

I need my puppet princess.



If I could send straight off my wii then Maybe it'd be alright. As it is, I saw the video for this and it didn't look like much. We already have a drawing program on the photo channel and I didn't see anything that stood out other than having multiple people drawing at the same time.

edit: Though MAYBE they might have better tools, then that'd be another thing. We'll have to see tomorrow I guess.

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