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Time for another retro game, and this time it mixes in some MLaaK

Order!! is a 16-bit game in which you play as a king. Before you scream copycat, the game actually goes beyond the usual king activities in MLaaK by allowing you to invade other kingdoms and do acts of diplomacy. It also allows you to work FOR the demon lord either directly or indirectly. The twists certainly make for a more intriguing game!

More information in the link. Oh, and screenshots, too!

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I am sure going to buy this!!

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Woah, that looks and sounds amazing. I would buy that if they release it in Europe.


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Could be good -- isn't this the screen shown at the beginning of Game CEX on the Japanese Nintendo Channel?

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Looks really neat. I've never really be all that into the "Romance of Three Kingdoms" series (or at all even) so I probably won't pick it up but I do like the look of it.

EDIT: Although upon further inspection, this it might not be as rigid as the RoTK series as it looked at first glance. I mean, the heroes just comes into your castle and takes your treasures? That's awesome. That by itself just raised this game to a "maybe". Should really stop making these snap judgments...

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