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I told the dev man scores should be in there, but did he listen? Nooooooooo. Still, I will be buying this when/if it comes to my shores.

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sirgrim wrote:

I wasn't a huge fan of this game. Kind of bland and repetitive. Might be fine for people under 14. No score system, no analog-stick support. Button massing to shoot and throw enemies. The art is cool, and maybe they can fix some gripes if they make a sequel. It can be beaten in a little over an hour.

Completely agree. Also, the sound effects are really low and unsatisfying. I suggest turning music down to 25% in options, then turning your TV volume up so that they are balanced more like any other game ever.

I'm going to try playing on Crazy Hard with fewer lives later today, and hopefully I'll get to try co-op, too, but I'm not optimistic that I'll enjoy it much more. It's a decent game at best.

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The game was mainly too easy like Kirby.



I didn't care for it. Nice art style, but the gameplay just didn't grab me.

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Simple, repetitive, pretty, entertaining, good soundtrack. Toasty WiiWare goodness!

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Too easy, too short... I'm glad I didn't shell out points for this hour-long bland-fest.

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VGP wrote:

So I picked up Eduardo the Samurai Toaster today & the game is good,very nice controls,very good music,and overall good experience.
Now the first thing I will say is that the gameplay elements in this game is so identical to Alien Hominid it isn't even funny,not saying it is a bad game at all no but if you played through Alien Hominid you will now how similar it is in gameplay.Now there are some Platforming levels in this game and they are very good,also in every level there will be a very cool background,enemy's galore in this game.The game is level based.There are a lot of cool power ups in this game and again a lot of the power ups are very similar to Alien Hominid.When you want to chose a level it will give you four difficulty's which is,Easy,Normal,Hard,and Crazy Hard and they let you chose how many lives you want,1,3,6,or infinity.Overall if you enjoyed Alien Hominid I think your going to enjoy this game its almost as if its Alien Hominid for the WiiWare.

Have you played any of the Metal Slug games? I love Alien Hominid to bits, but it is pretty much just a coat of paint over Metal Slug. The bosses are the EXACT same.

The PDA Games are amazing though.

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