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Well, here we go! I had nephews over so I was a little late, but now comes the next edition of One Year Later. I'm sure a number of people got this game, so for those of you who have, go play it to reminisce about your good or bad purchase. As for me, I got The Conduit sitting beside me, and I'm probably gunna play it instead, hehe.

One Year Later 007: (6/23/08) Gyrostarr

16) Gyrostarr (High Voltage Software, 700pts)
Well, it seems rather funny that High Voltage Software’s first hardcore WiiWare release would be released one year exactly from its first major Wii retail game, but let us look back for a moment. High Voltage Software had debuted to the hardcore gamers with The Conduit, a first person shooter unveiled via IGN. Not too long afterward, a number of WiiWare titles were introduced, and this was one of those titles. Gyrostarr is a game much like Tempest in that players assume the role of a spaceship riding down a track in space (of all places). Along this track, the player’s customized ship must shoot down attacking enemies and collect energy orbs that power the door (or conduit, as the trailer says. From the developer of The Conduit. Witty, no?) at the end of the track. If enough energy is obtained, the door will open, and the ship will make it through. Otherwise, CRASH! If the player has maxed out the energy bar by the end of the level, he or she goes into a bonus level in which she or he can collect passing energy orbs again which will carry over to the next level’s energy bar. The game has 50 levels and can be played simultaneously with three other players offline. A packed game for the price, some might say.
Reception: Well, only some would say the game is a jam-packed one. IGN and NintendoLife found the game to be a good title, but both noted that the game’s bonus levels were overly frequent and just plain boring. IGN in particular, giving it a 7.2, cited that the game was too slow to start, and while NintendoLife praised its graphics and somewhat good music, the game was given a 7 (is that Corbie? Oh yeah, it is ;3 ). Sales-wise, it did pretty good at first, launching upward into the Top 5, but after mixed reviews appeared from various people, the game dwindled quickly and failed to fend off Cocoto Fishing Master from overtaking its sales level.
Outlook: High Voltage Software has had a, what I would call, unique time with Wii since. The company has pushed out two more developed WiiWare titles, High Voltage Hot Rod Show and Akinai Games-published Evasive Space. Animales de la Muerte seems to be MIA for WiiWare, and no other WiiWare games have been announced, as far as I remember. HVS, just this past week, released The Conduit for Wii Retail through Sega, and in the next year and a half, they are planning to unleash two more big games, Gladiator A.D. and The Grinder. That’s system dedication for you!

Comparing to WiiWare Year 2: A new little segment to OYL is a look at this year’s releases compared to last year’s. Gyrostarr was the only release this week, but this year, we saw Drill Sergeant Mindstrong, NEVES Plus, and Family Mini Golf. I’d say that, considering NEVES Plus and the number of games released, this year wins out, but I welcome discussion in the opposition if there is any. The other two games ARE pretty good counter-arguments.

One Year Later Chart: June 2008: Finally, June 2008’s releases are all a year old, and with that, I provide the next chart to show just how much domination the Pokemon brand really has. You can thank Platinum for the resurgence of it lately, and the upcoming remakes are bound to ensure that this game will stay in the Top 20 for ANOTHER year. Cry for Toki Tori, everyone

I hope you enjoyed this edition of One Year Later. This upcoming month is going to be harsh, I know. Pong Toss anyone? D:

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Poor Toki Tori indeed. Nice look. Many DID consider it to be disappointing overall. I guess people had high expectations of it.
I personally lost interest and now I barely touch it which is indeed sad. On the bright side, the special bonus stages were great.

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