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10. Dr. Mario Online Rx
9. Gradius ReBirth
8. LIT
7. Space Invaders Get Even
6. LostWinds
5. Tetris Party
4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronichles: My Life As A King
3. World Of Goo
2. Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People
1. Mega Man 9

I think SBCG4AP is a bit too high in my opinion.

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Is this list based on sales, ratings or opinion?

Seems wrong to me any which way.


I've got 6/10 BINGO!

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Bleh, if that's supposed to be a quality ranking then MM9 is massively overrated (it's one of the weakest Mega Man games IMO) and Toki Tori definitely needs a spot fairly high up. While I liked SBCG4AP I do think that #2 is too high for it as well. I presume that's the US list so the absense of S&S is not surprising. IMO Onslaught should rank but I can see how people might not like it. Orbient probably should be in there too. It's definitely NOT a popularity ranking or My Aquarium and World of Goo would be fighting for the top spots.

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Nintendo Power is a US publication, so yes, you presume correctly.

@ Charlie
Is this the result of a user poll or editors' opinions? I am guessing the latter. I am just glad to see at least one publication that doesn't completely exaggerate how good World of Goo is.

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Toki Tori needs to be on this list. It's my favorite Wiiware game.

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Strong Bad is number 2!? What the!?

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I love Strong Bad and even I think it was too high on the list. If you took away the humor it's not like you'd have solid gameplay to back it up. Plus it was a little rough around the edges.

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I want to see a Nintendo Life Top 10 and see how they compare!!



Oh that's right its bad luck to use that name in magazines.

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__Stevie wrote:

Is this list based on sales, ratings or opinion?

Seems wrong to me any which way.

It's based off of Nintendo Power's opinion.
Also, I did notice that they didn't like Maboshi, but they did like Family Table Tennis.

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The hell, this list is terrible! I mean, World of Goo clearly should be #1, and MM9 second (in my opinion). There is no way SBCG4AP should be that high, or in all honesty even on this list (aside from maybe the bottom three). I found Gradius ReBirth okay, but not good enough to be in a Top 10. Same with Dr Mario. Another problem, where's the Arty Style series and Star Soldier R?!

The only way this list could possibly get more screwed up is if My Pokemon Ranch got #1......



World Of Goo should be #1? LOL

I like the list. It'll probably be better next year.



world of goo is OVER-RATED on this list. it should be behind lost winds.



THis list is just wrong.

I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.


My list:
1. Toki Tori
2. Art Style: Rotohex
3. Mega Man 9
4. World of Goo
5..Bit Trip Beat
6. Lit
7. Art Style: Orbient
8. Adventure Island: The Beginning
9. Maboshi's Arcade
10. Lost Winds



Its funny how everyone has a completely different expression how the list should be, but still everyone "knows" that this one is wrong.

Subjectivity anyone?



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