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What's the coolest thing they could announce for wiiware or wii channels?
I think it would be cool if they would have demos to try to play games



1. Activision should release thier guitar hero demos as downloadable games and have 5-15 songs so it would be like 100 points per song.

2. If your talking game ideas, I got to get a lot off my chest. My current favorite though, would have to be Musical Bash (bad name). It's a clever mix of River City Ransom and Bit.Trip Beat. It's a beat-em-up where the style of the part of the song chosen for the BGM effects not only the background color and enemy variety, but your own powers as well. Here are a few examples:

A part to an orchestrated song by a famous composer with a slow tempo and a soothing flute/clarinet controlled melody would feature a turquoise background color, weak enemies in small waves, and you having weakish attacks and a very fast foot speed.

A Metallca-caliber guitar solo would have a fiery-red background, average strength enemies, and extremely fast and powerful attacks that can be highly comboed with complex button mashing.

In a part where it is majorally call-and-responce, such as the verses in joe satriani's "crowd chant", there will be 1-5 low-stamina ghostly clones that repeat your button imputs from the call section during the responce.

All in all, I think it's a cool concept. sorry if off topic.



A WiiWare Game that you make you can be Hero or villan defeat enemys by jumping on them or blasting them & after 3 stages fight a Boss (I'd Call it Hillan be the hero or villan will you conquer the world or save it?) Including Wifi & Downloadable Stages,Weapons & Special Skills.

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I've got several ideas, though I'm not revealing them here in case WiiWare still exists by the time I've graduated University and I just so happen to come across a development kit on the streets
I'd love to see a version of Worms, though - and a decent one after the travesty that was "A Space Oddity".



4 words:
Earthbound for virtual console
And also I think they should make a wiiware Warioware game

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I have some ideas, and they're quite detailed. This is one, which I'm posting as it would probably never happen though, seeing as it's based on a Nintendo license and may end up being too big for the file size limit but oh well. We can dream though (and maybe give devs ideas from these, another dream)

The idea is for a new, true sequel to the original Donkey Kong Arcade games detailed point by point
1: I'd keep the gameplay similar to the original but with 3D graphics, so I'd do the game in 2.5D
2: 3-6 Different profiles saving your profile under your Mii, with the profiles having customizable options, like changeable backgrounds and music to make things a bit more enjoyable.
3: 4-5 new levels available in 3 seperate difficulty levels with an unlockable bonus of the Pie factory level
4: Leaderboards, both personal to your Wii and Online Leaderboards for each stage and I'd also use FC's so you can create a leaderboard to see how you rank among your friends.

5: Unlockable bonuses, like
I: The Pie Factory level cut out from the NES version of the original Donkey Kong game (As mentioned above)
II: Additional Backgrounds and Music to customize your profile
III: The option to play as Luigi or your Mii instead of Mario.
IV: Ability to swap DK in the game for Bowser, Waluigi or Wario for fun, and the ability to swap Pauline in
the game for Peach or Daisy
V: An Retro 8-bit graphical style similar to the original as an alternative to the 3D models.

6: NES Style controls, like on the VC release of Donkey Kong
7: 2 player multiplayer, where you one Player plays as Mario, while the other as Donkey Kong. The player controlling DK throws obstacles at Mario (Depending on the Level) to try and stop him rescuing Pauline.

I'd love to see Nintendo do something like that one day. Just some wishes really if they did.
They are doing that, as that Made in Ore game is for both DSiWare and WiiWare. What we really need is a B-Board WarioWare

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I couldn't be that big considering the NES game is only 14 blocks.

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@Wiiloveit: YES. It's not fair that the 360/PS3 get Worms goodness, and we get waggle weapons and no ninja rope >_>

At the very least, we should get Armageddon.

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That may be so but the NES Version wasn't exactly packed full of content.


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I would say a fighter like Bleach The Blade of Fate but with less Characters and stages to fit in the storage limit. The gameplay mechanics should stay the same perhaps with a parry system or a betting system.

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We should get a FPS that has deathmatch. lol, not very original, but it would be nice. I'm not talking about shooting with water guns either...

Or we should get a good sandbox building game, like Incredibots. That would definitely be awesome...if you haven't heard of Incredibots before, check it out at It's realllly awesome.

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briunj04 wrote:

And also I think they should make a wiiware Warioware game

They already are.

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I'd kinda like Yoshi's Story 2.

There would be four worlds each with four levels each. Each level of each world would be a different genre of game. So there would be a platform stage in each world, a racing stage in each world, a puzzle game in each world and a First Person Shooter stage in each world. You can complete the game quickly by just completing one stage from each world or you can play all sixteen stages in the game. Its up to you how many you play to beat the game.

The platforming stages would be based on the N64 Yoshi's Story. The racing stages would be based on Mario Kart, the puzzle stages would be based on Tetris Attack and the FPS stages would be based upon Yoshi's Safari (only you use the Wii remote instead of a Super Scope obviously). But all would be completely new and not taken directly from any previous game. Each world would have a different theme which would be the same throughout the four stages of the world. Lets say Grass, Desert, Water and Castle.

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