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I have this terrible feeling that we might get Altered Beast for the Virtual Console Arcade. God, I hope I'm wrong.



WolfRamHeart wrote:

I have this terrible feeling that we might get Altered Beast for the Virtual Console Arcade. God, I hope I'm wrong.

You are a having a horrible nightmare,wake up!



When was Cave Story supposed to come out in NA, anyone have a clue?

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I'm kind of hoping for Golden Axe for VCA.

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Well, for WiiWare we know that Bit.Trip Core comes out next monday (the 6th) as game 100. That leaves 5 games between this and next week. Considering we have two apparently confirmed WiiWare titles (Reversi and Bang Attack), that leaves two games between the two weeks we do not know.

My prediction: there will be one game this week and one game next, out of the two unknowns. Europe got Puzzle Bobble Wii and Water Warfare recently as well as NyxQuest the week before. It has been a while since Hudson saw a release, so I'm going to guess Water Warfare. It seems each week has a "pushed" game. We've had Bubble Bobble, then FFiV, then Swords & Soldiers, then Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, and recently Mindstrong (the poorest "pushed" game of the bunch, but still). I don't think either of the two confirmed games are really "pushed" worthy, so they might choose a somewhat larger game to put in its place (such as Puzzle Bobble or Water Warfare).

So, for big games:
Water Warfare this week
Bit.Trip Core next week
NyxQuest the week after
Cave Story late July

Sounds like a good prediction for me, but with WiiWare anything is possible.


Good thinking, 0 Watt. I'm REALLY hoping Water Warfare will come tomorrow and it's quite likely especially if they were to space it out like that.

But yeah, I'm hoping we don't get Altered Beast for a VC game tomorrow. That would seriously upset me. Although, I would love to see another VCA game period tomorrow if SSB64 wasn't in the cards just yet.



WW: Water Warfare
DW: Moving Memo
That would be an awesome download

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