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I remember when this game came out, RedLynx said DLC would be "coming soon". Does anyone know if it ever came out? And if so, what was it?



I play this game all the time with my friends; I had hundreds of hours of playtime for it showing on the Nintendo Channel before it was shut down. Just played it yesterday in fact. No, they never released any DLC. The menu selection for it haunts me everytime I play the game. I'm not sure how much money RedLynx made from selling it on WiiWare, maybe they decided it wasn't worth it (although I would still purchase DLC for this game if I could). They have released a version for both iPhone and Android. I play it on my Android phone occasionally, but the 4 player Wii multiplayer game is where the most fun is to be had. Motoheroz is one of the most underrated titles on the Wii, I consider it a must have game.

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