Topic: Monsteca Corral sequel/remake in the works

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One of the developer's from Onteca posted some info on this over at VC-forums where we were playing this interesting and super cheap Wiiware title as part of June's Gaming Club:

No idea whether it will be for Wiiware or not but it's great to hear that Onteca are still developing games in this enjoyable and fun universe.



Hi Betagam7,
Good spotting. Will put together a proper announcement at some point soon, probably soon after Christmas. To be honest we have been working on it on and off all year but we keep getting involved in other non Wiiware projects. The vc-forum is well worth reading and probably the best source of information outside of It is fun for us to have such a great group of players who really get the game and the Monsteca universe.

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This game would work so well on 3DS, loved the 1st one

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I love Monsteca. Thanks for the demo i downloaded it in an instant. I like the relax atmosphera and the orange funny boys.

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