Topic: Live Niki Rock N Ball blind playthrough Friday!

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Alright folks, here's the trailer. That's Friday at 8:00 Eastern time at the following address:

See you all there, hopefully!

Original post below:

Hey hey. First off, thanks to everyone who joined me for the Mega Man 9 playthrough this past weekend. It went great and I'm definitely looking forward to hosting more of these. how does Friday sound? 8pm Eastern Time, and we'll probably use this time, since, evidently, that site archives videos automatically, which will be nice...I can post a highlights reel later on.

The game, by the grace of our very own Black Dragon Lockmistress, is Niki Rock N Ball. I haven't played it yet, so it's going to be a blind run. Be sure to tune in. Those of you who watched last week know that you are going to hear a lot of cursing, but this time, I imagine it will be for very different reasons.

Be sure to stop by and shout advice at me, such as "Stop playing this crap," "Turn off your Wii," and "Seriously, please, stop playing this crap."

More details to follow. Save the date. And don't hesitate to suggest a game for the next time. I still owe you all Mega Man 2.

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Sounds good, don't forget to post a link to the site.



Play it with tilt controls and waggle jumping for maximum hilarity



Hopefully I won't forget to watch this one. Looking forward to it!

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Hopefully should be able to check it out. The real question is ... do i have the stomach to play it along with you?

No. No, i don't. It shall continue to sit on my SD card, mocking me with the lost points i spent on its crummy-ness.

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I still need to check out this game (and Plattchen, now that I have an NA Wii and can get it for less than the eye-watering 1500 points of the European release).

i cannot say I'll be there, but please post a video link so I can have a look (and have an open mind, you may like it!).

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Oh I'll be using motion controls at least some of the time. The flick jumping can't be that long as you don't have to jump very often...

I'll definitely be keeping an open mind as much as I can...except that I can't help the feeling that the trailer and other videos make it look awful. I do hope I like it; it'll be nice to have another good time-waster on my SD card.

But if not...I don't know. I may have to do a double feature with Dragon Master Spell Caster, just to wash Niki out of my eyes.




Haha I'll try to watch.

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Haha, this should be good.



Well, that's 8am here, which may be perfect, since that will probably be about when I finish up my paper due that day.

I'll watch it, because it might make me hate my life less at that point seeing you probably hating your life more.

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I don't think I can look at this game again.

But since I blame you and Bit Boy for everything wrong in my life, I recommend Plattchen for next time.

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

Oh I'll be using motion controls at least some of the time. The flick jumping can't be that long as you don't have to jump very often...

Famous last words.... (And yes, you do have to jump rather often. It is a platformer, after all.)



Oh, I should have realized you were being facetious. My bad!



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I'll be there.


Philip_J_Reed's the channel. Bookmark it!

Doing because it automatically archives video. Huzzah!

I'll post up another commercial whenever I get the chance to make one. Til then, though...Friday, 8:00pm Eastern time, at the above address. Be there, or bplus.




Well, I watched a video of Niki Rock n Ball on youtube, just to see what you will have to be dealing with...
Good luck. I hope you don't die of boredom...

Just let it happen.

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I came here in hope that he would be playing with his eyes closed, I'm somewhat disappointed D:


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