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Hello all, let's start writing to this forum by unashamed advertising.. well. not really. This just in, a WiiWare game from Finland and to be specific, from Lapland part of our country. And of course the game takes place in Kalahari desert!

The interview is in Finnish language only, but I translated an excerpt:
"Lead the Meerkats is the first RTS-game that is about meerkats, and where
the gamer has to lead the group of meerkats through the Kalahari desert
full of dangers, challenges and missions. The game is aimed at young
people and children, because in our opinion that is the largest
demographic of Wii audience. We can't tell the exact release date, but I
can promise it is downloadable from WiiWare this year."



Unashamed advertising is the best. Sounds neat! Keep us updated!

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


I will, although the advertising was for the interview. Will post the new info when I get some from Lapland Studio.



Interesting. Looking forward to the trailer, thanks for the heads up!

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Not all of you will get this, the Uk members will better i imagine but will we be able to compare the meerkats in the game?



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