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Nigoro has announced that they are in final preparations for a second Nintendo submission. The last one failed swiftly, and now that they've worked on some more, I think it should do much better...but will it pass? (note: this is the JP version. Nicalis has to finish translations).

Oh, and they had an hour-long stream last night in which they fought the first four bosses and wandered around. One word: EPIC. Especially the latter two they showed. Ooooh, man! - The stream recorded (w/ links to the bosses).


Looks awesome, like it always does. I don't want to watch too much though before playing it. I hope it isn't too much longer to be approved and that Nicalis translates it quickly.

I also like the La Mulana blog. They write in character as an archaeologist, it seems. lecturing on the ruins of different cultures you'll see in the game. It's not in the best English though, unfortunately.

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Can't wait to play this game!



zzz.... Wait what? I totally forgot this existed.


Nicalis Time is the indy Valve Time as far as I'm concerned. I'll believe La Mulana is on Wiiware when I start playing it.

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As a note, the game was announced just about a year ago. It is being worked on by three guys alone. This has nothing to do with Nicalis, save the translation and release to non-Japanese locations. The big problem with Cave Story for WiiWare was that Nintendo failed the game at least twice, and it can take a while to test a game. If La Mulana fails again, expect a summer release, guaranteed.


hey kkslider isn't your avatar the sound village ninja that was (probable spoilers removed!) in the naruto series

on topic I agree with you slider unless it's been released there is no way of knowing if the title will be canned or jump ship to another platform :/

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I know nintendo didn't accept it but... why?

-some random guy online


Really looking forward to this. Here's hoping they accept it this time.

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Leonzable wrote:

I know nintendo didn't accept it but... why?

Because they failed lotcheck. In other words, something in the game didn't meet Nintendo's specs and guidelines for publishing on WiiWare. What exactly? We might never know. They are not allowed to disclose that information.



Nope, and I don't think there will be any news for a while, what with the disaster that struck Japan and all...



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