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I died repeatedly tonight. It's definitely tough, but incredibly fun. NIGORO's been doing a great job with all the new elements.




I don't know. La-Mulana is meant to be an homage to the MSX games of the '80s, especially Maze of Galious. This Wiiware remake (of a remake) doesn't remind me of the 8-bit era at all. And why bother with a (re-)remake when it's not true to the origin and you can get the original game for free?

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It's not a re-remake. The PC version of La-Mulana wasn't a remake of Maze of Galious, if that's what you mean. It was more like a spiritual sequel. Also, they decided the go 16-bit-esque for the Wii version to broaden the appeal of the game. They changed some of the game mechanics (for the better in my opinion) and added enough extra/updated content to warrant playing it feeling like a new experience, even if you had played the original PC version before.



It's not a remake. But La-Mulana is heavily influenced by Maze of Galious and maybe other classic games. The WiiWare game looks instead like something different that has nothing to do with the retro appeal of old MSX games.

And where do you know that it has enough extra content? You have the final game already?



No, I don't. I just followed their official blog closely. They posted a lot of content from the game, a post at a time, and they also explained most if not all the decisions they made.



I've just been reading the blog, interesting stuff

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TheChosen wrote:

Will they keep all the MSX references and game names?

Unfortunately no. I already knew they wouldn't since they would be sued, and to be fair, anyone who still cares about MSX has probably already played La Mulana.

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Eight months later and we're still left waiting. >.>

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Still anticipating the WiiWare release too. :/

According to their blog, the Japanese release date is June 21st. The NA/EU release dates will be later than that, but there's no predicting when.

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I think it's going to be X points where X is the number of points. It's just a hunch, but I'm usually right about this sort of thing.

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KaiserGX wrote:

According to the Japanese Trailer it's 1200 points.

Damn are you serious? I only need 100 points. 100 EFFING POINTS!!! No way am I buying 2000 points just for that.

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It's out in Japan officially, everyone else is still waiting for them to announce a release date.

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They need to hurry up and get this thing released in America. Japan has it now so what's the problem?
It looks like a really good game. Something Wiiware is in desperate need of.

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I've been playing the NA version for about a month now and it's pretty good. But be warned, it's as tough as nails. LOL

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I'm not worried Corbie. I eat tough nails for breakfast...

Why do astronauts backtrack?
They forgot the Space Jump Boots.


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