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Hurraaaaah!! I just receive an e-mail from Nintendo. The soundtrack is in only one mp3: 21.7MB, 160kbps and 19 minutes length. It's totally awesome. The original message is (in spanish):



¡Eres uno de los cien primeros miembros del Club Nintendo que se descarga Icarian: Kindred Spirits, el juego de WiiWare de Over The Top Games!

Para agradecerte especialmente tu interés por WiiWare, te enviamos la banda sonora del juego. ¡Disfruta escuchándola!

Ahora, podrás dejarte llevar por las melodías celestiales del juego siempre que te apetezca...

Toda la música es obra del compositor de Los Ángeles Steven Gutheinz, que ha empleado gran cantidad de instrumentos de la época, como el arpa, el santur y el duduk para crear el sonido único del juego. Steven es el creador de numerosas partituras para vídeos, películas y videojuegos.

La banda sonora está compuesta por archivos de música en formato mp3, que puedes descargar pinchando en el enlace de abajo"ERASED-CODE"

¡Esperamos que te guste!

Un saludo,

"El equipo de Nintendo y
Over The Top Games"



@Majora - Congrats!!

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I got one too...But in English.
Edit: Got it working. Brilliant soundtrack to a brilliant game.



You are among the first 100 Club Nintendo members to download Icarian: Kindred Spirits, the WiiWare game from Over The Top Games!

As a special "Thank You!" for your interest in WiiWare, we hereby send you the soundtrack of the game for your listening pleasure!

Now you can immerse yourself in the heavenly tunes of this title anytime you like?

The music was exclusively composed by Steven Gutheinz, who hails from Los Angeles, and who used a host of authentic instruments, such as the harp, santur and duduk to create the unique sound of the game. Steven has created scores for a wide range of media including films, videos and games.

The soundtrack consists of music files in MP3-format, which you can access by clicking the link below. Telling

We hope you enjoy it!

Best Regards,

"Your Nintendo Team and
Over The Top Games"

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Gh0sTiE5 wrote:

The link for me is roughly 3 seconds long

Try again or use a download manager. You MUST got it. Luck!!



Yeah I used a download manager
Got it working now . My friends all want this but I don't know if I should share...



Ahem... rapidshare? I'm just sayin', that's all.

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Ahhhh... Now I feel a little less bad about not having the game itself here in the US today. Thanks, M!

EDIT: I'm 10 minutes in and like what I'm hearing. Very calm and ambient. Doesn't have a "soundtracky" feel to it. It has a rather Bear McCreary/Battlestar Galactica background feel to it, which is a good thing in my book.

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Thanks for sharing, Majora! Am definitely liking this soundtrack, and I can't wait for Icarian. :3

edit: i've had it on repeat for the past hour or so. it's good, solid background music, and it's got a nice desert-y ambiance to it. i want more. D:

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future of NL >:3
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Gh0sTiE5 wrote:

I'll upload to a Premium Rapidshare for all to have .

Thanks, Gh0sTiE5. I didn't know Rapidshare limits to 10 the downloads. Beautiful music...



What the heck I got one too.

I didn't download Icarian till sometime late on Saturday, and just assumed I'd miss the rush. Awesome!

EDIT: Thanks OTT

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The soundtrack is amazing, but I'm really unhappy at how they just combined it all into one track, rather than zipping them all together. Oh, and now that I know that, @Machu, I wish I didn't stay up until 11pm on Thursday to get it when I had an exam the next day

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I also have been confirmed as one of the first 100! Firefox is only getting 3 seconds as well; hopefully Safari 4 will fare better; otherwise I'll be trying out that rapidshare link.

Cheers Nintendo!

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My bad Wiiloveit. I think I meant Friday aft. upon further thought 0_o what day is it?!

LOVE the music in this game! Finished it though, 4hrs with 4 bits to find. Was lovely while it lasted, well worth it.



Thanks you guys, just downloaded the game so I was not in time for the free soundtrack. Glad I can still enjoy it.

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great music,smells greece islands

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Beautiful track, I love games that go that extra effort with the music.
Thanks for sharing it to the masses!

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Thanks for the music, guys! I was hoping somebody would post it to share like that. Really nice stuff so far (just started listening).

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thanks for the upload guys, i loved the music in this game..

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