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I'm not really new to this site, but I'm not very active forum-wise. I like to use it when I'm not on the Shop channel browsing what to try next. It might not concern most of you, or hell, this might even be the wrong place to post it but it would be really nice if one of the options to list Wiiware games by the amount of points they cost.

I often have leftover points from buying games that I do want and buy, and I usually come here to see what Wiiware I would like to try out next. But figuring out how many hundred points each game is kind of confusing. (Aside from the more recognized games of course, like MM9 or WoG)

I'm just saying it might help out a few users.



I tottaly agree I was thinking the same thing



I'd like to see how many blocks each game takes up as well.



That is a good suggestion. I suggest raising this thread in the Suggestions and Feedback forum area to get the visibility required.

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