Topic: How are the FACTIONS in Swords and Soldiers??

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Hey, all

I just registered, and I'm excited to be posting here!

Anyway, I'm an American, so I EAGERLY await a US release for S&S.
I was wondering, for those who have actually played it, what their thoughts were on the actual factions of the game.

In other words, what are the strengths/weaknesses of each (Vikings, Aztecs, and Chinese)?



Vikings: Pretty standard but powerful and easy to play. The Charge spell lets them move their troops quickly along with clumping them up a bit for better combat ability. They've got trouble getting AOE on the field IMO.
Chinese: The techy expensive dudes. Their ranged unit is T2 and thus not easy to field early but once it's going it's really nasty. They've got a good mixture of offensive and support spells though their special units seem less useful than the other factions'. The monkeys can annoy a good bit but only strike each enemy once.
Aztecs: Really fragile dudes while not significantly cheaper than the others. No support spells, small selection of offensive spells but a quick way to get mana by sacrificing units so those few spells can be used quite often. Poison is pretty good at harassing workers if you can hit them because it slows them down and thus slows the enemy gold income. The necromancer is pretty situational but in Aztec vs Aztec it's pretty hard to counter a bunch of skeletons since they're immune to poison. The giant feels almost like a noobtrap.

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