Topic: Helix Sequel: What would you like to see?

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Ghostfire Games have expressed interest in a sequel on more than one occasion. What would you like to see in the next game?



Balance Board support would be cool, alongside a music genre I like - or, even better: SD support that allows music to be read from a memory card Audiosurf-style, before shaping the level to the beats.

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Ooh, SD support. I would kill for that. or at least some less cheesy tracks, some more hip-hop themed stuff, or maybe just more dance looking moves than punches like the dance part in Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. that thing was really fun, but only about 20 seconds.
the basic movement of the guy on there was kinda all arms so it doesn't really reflect dancing motions very much. If the guy/robot thing was moving hips and head a little (even if it's not tracked) it encourages the user to do that too, and feels more like dancing fun than just punching with such a rigid body. Also it moves more body parts and gives better stretches all around in case exercise is a consideration. Some of that trance/ techno kind of stuff also isn't that rythmic so it gets a little lost, I think some good house music or hip hop music would help there. Even some good mid-90's kind of Jungle tracks would be nice if there not TOO super fast.

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That's a great idea! I would love the ability to play Helix with my own music "Audiosurf-style." I would play it every day for a fun workout with different music. Adding balance board support would make the game even better.

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the Audiosurf-style play would be fun, but I'd also like to see the ability to load in custom move-charts via SD as well (like DDR/ITG/SM lets you do).

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I have a LOAD of requests.

6. Options for timing window: Just if you wanna make it easier or harder.
5. DLC: The amount of songs was REALLY good for a WiiWare game, but if you want more, or if you don't like Techno (I LOVE TECHNO), the you could buy some more songs.
4. A level editor: It would be fun to create your own levels and share then with friends.
3. Background Visuals: There were background movies, yes. But they weren't really "Wow".
2. Nunchuck support: Make it easier to be conservative
1.: Multiplayer: Seriously, this game had the potential to be a great party game, but there wasn't any Multiplayer to speak of.

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