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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

I only bought two WiiWare games, and only touched one of them once...Defend Your Castle...>.>

True Story. And it wasn't even a bad game... as later WiiWare releases have proven.

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I tend to hold off on judgement until I've played a game for at least an hour (usually enough time to get a feel for the game).

I'd say I legitimately regret buying Mario Kart 7 since I bought into the hype at the time (and also cause my little brother was bugging me to play it with him). I felt regret for buying NSMB2 that is until I ran into a cannon launch stage. Paper Mario Sticker Star was a disappointment as well (though that's mostly because I was expecting a traditional Paper Mario game and not a puzzle game I suppose). Biggest regret has got to be my purchase of the Steam game "Home". The gameplay was pretty bland and story wise it wasn't that great either. Didn't think I could actually regret making a $1 something purchase of a game....

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Most WiiWare games I downloaded...ugh.

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