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Telegraph Crosswords- had no idea it was based around a British newspaper. I want my money back.
Phantasy Star II- disappointing and the attack effect could cause seizures.
Mega Man X: Command Mission- horribly boring and the voice acting is terrible.
Sonic and the Secret Rings- horribly convoluted.
Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night- boring.

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CoD 4 modern warfare i got bored i only like one cod game and that is world at war

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ToS:2. Maybe I wouldn't hate the game so much if I hadn't played it.

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Being on topic for the WiiWare section:

Pokemon Rumble: Its an OK game, but definitely not worth the 1000 points. Probably the most repetitive game I've ever played.
World of Goo: I know this game is supposed to be amazing and all, but I never got into it. I never played after the first world...

Its a shame how two out of the three WiiWare games I own I don't really like... Overall, WiiWare was probably the most disappointing thing about the Wii for me. Lets hope the Wii U eShop will be much better

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The_Ink_Pit_Ox wrote:

Telegraph Crosswords- had no idea it was based around a British newspaper. I want my money back.

A crossword game is a crossword game, surely?

So this is a WiiWare thread? I was ready to provide a long list from my backloggery, but this will narrow it down a bit.

My regret purchases include:

Soccer Up!
Eat! Fat! FIGHT!

That's 2 out of 7!


Family Mini Golf: I have no idea why I got this.
Line Rider 2 Unbound: It was fun for a bit, but uh... Meh.
Classic British Motor racing: It was cheap, I was bored.



NIntendoForever wrote:

Games that trade in for $9 when you bought them for $60

Soooooo every game?



Defend your castle. Basically I could have played it for free on the internet..

Mmm Chicken


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