Topic: Gaijin Games has a wii U dev kit.

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I wonder what this mysterious device on my desk is... Let's see... It has a giant touchscreen, a camera, microphone... It's white... Hm...

looks like runner 2 may hit nintendo platforms after all.


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interesting, means more 3rd party support I guess, always a good thing in my book, also, shouldn't this be in the Wii U forum?

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Yeah, I can see Runner 2 being a launch title. If the quality of awesome at Gaijin Games hasn't waned, the game would definitely make Nintendo's online service start off strong.

Or the device could be a white Ipad.

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It's an over-sized white Vita development kit I hope.

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What!? Quick, someone take it from them! I don't want that ugly Commander Video running all over the Wii U!
Those legs. shivers

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Corbs wrote:

It's an over-sized white Vita development kit I hope.

now that would be just what the Vita needs I can totally see the touchpad on the back of the unit being used for the little extra sounds they usually map to unused buttons :3

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