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After trying the demo I can conclude that this game is not for me. Glad to see everyone else is enjoying it though.

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The demo was pretty amazing. It was like Metroid in puzzle form.

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Wow....I just tested the waters (pun intended) on the second chapter and the ice power. This game can actually get a little tough. From the first world, I got the impression that the game would be easy enough as long as you know where you're going. It seems that perhaps this will not be the case and that it actually requires quite a bit a platforming skill as it goes. Good to see that the game won't be the pushover I thought it would be. I like this game more and more the further I get. Still though, there is just something about it that makes me say I would never ever call it a 10. I'm not really sure why though.....

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Too bad that we europeans don't have the demo of Hydroventure yet. Thankfully there's a pretty long video from NintenDaan1 which shows the awesome graphics and gameplay. Pretty impressive. I think if someone likes physics based games like World of Goo, Max & The Magic Marker or And Yet it Moves then they will like this one too.

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If for whatever reason you don't have access to this game, I recommend looking into the hand held version. Untitled my pants.


I played the demo, and I have to say, it was better than I expected. The abilities show a lot of promise. However, I can see how later levels could become extremely frustrating.
Overall, this game probably isn't my thing. I'm leaning away from this and more towards ArtStyle games like Light Trax. I'm curious to know how many levels the game has and will thoroughly read the review, however, it will take positive feedback on both accounts/an excess of free time to win me back.

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shinesprite, I believe the four levels you can see on the map in the demo are all of them, but the demo gives you no idea whatsoever about the size of the levels. In the demo, you get to explore about half of one page (in keeping with the storybook theme) of one level. I'm still on the first stage, but it appears to cover three pages, meaning this stage alone is about six times the size of the demo. Assuming the stages are about uniform in size, that means the game is at least 24 times the size of the demo.

Of course, there's also more to do than in the demo, like watering all of the flowers and such. The stages are large enough that warps are scattered about them so you're not constantly backtracking between areas--I point this out as a testament to their size. And then, of course, there are unlockable challenge games, e.g. escape from rising lava, rescue fish spawning randomly on a large map until one dies (they're timed), etc. Obviously, volume of game content (oh ho, I believe I just won in the water pun stakes) won't make up for your disinterest, but I feel pretty confident in describing it as huge.

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This looks great, hope to download on Xmas Eve here in the EU!



Not my cup of tea. I found the game pretty frustrating but more power to you guys who like it.



i tryed the demo but for 1200 points get cave story cause its weird and not as fun being water

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I got bought it today. It's awesome and already one of my favorite wiiware games.



Concerning the fact that most PS3/360 arcade games are around $10-15 and the fact that I wasted $12 on Tetris Party, $10 on RUNNER, and $12 on Cave Story, the price point doesn't make this game a "maybe" on my list in the least.

But from what I've played I found it to be a great game. The graphics are really good, and the gameplay mechanics are used in a very positive way. The controls were really my only issue. They could be better or have more alternatives.

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Chrono Cross wrote:

Concerning the fact that most PS3/360 arcade games are around $10-15 and the fact that I wasted $12 on Tetris Party, $10 on RUNNER, and $12 on Cave Story, the price point doesn't make this game a "maybe" on my list in the least.

Did you just say you wasted money on Cave Story?! What is this I don't even

On topic, I tried the demo, and it was kind of a mixed bag. The gameplay was very fun, but all of your water gets separated so easily, which I can see becoming a source of hair-pulling. That, and the controls felt too gimicky at times. Luckily, there is the ability to hold all of your water into one big glob, but that was given so late in the demo that I barely got a chance to use it. While I won't be getting this game soon, I may decide to buy it after buying RUNNER and Dive. It certainly seems promising, but the price is a bit steep (200 points cheaper would've been nice), and I do want to get to the previously mentioned games first.

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Thats how i pretty much felt Qwik



That thing that I said before about this game not being a 10, forget it. The more I play this the more I absolutely love it! i am totally confident in saying that I would give Fluidity a 10/10. It's definitely in my top 3 favorite WiWare games along with World of Goo and Pokemon Rumble!

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I agree with bboy, this is now my favorite WiiWare game. I just completed the game last night, collecting all of the rainbow drops and puzzle pieces. Now for a second playthrough



Wow! You already 100 percented it! That's great to hear someone is enjoying Fluidity as much as me. So, since you got every Rainbow drop perhaps you could help me with one that I absolutely cannot figure out how to get. Ok so I'm in the last area but haven't really played in it much. I have played there enough to get the **SPOILERS** squirt ability**SPOILERS**. So, I'm pretty sure I've got all abilities now. There is this one drop in the first area that I just can't figure out. It's the one for watering all the flowers on the left-most page of the world. I have all but 1 flower watered and I know exactly where that flower is. It's in the horizontally long corridor right above the house with the rubber ducks. There is a stone wall blocking the area of the corridor containing a puzzle piece and an un-watered flower. Normally, I would just through ice at the stone to break it but as far as I can see there is literally no way to get myself into that area in ice form. I have studied and surveyed the area and its just damn impossible! Please help me with this problem. Its seriously bothering me to no end!

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That flower and puzzle piece took me a while to figure out as well. If you go to the panel where you need to be ice and bounce up to the top, there's a hidden path at the top on the left. This hidden path will let you enter the area (from the bottom) and break the wall. After breaking the wall, go to one of the change pads and turn back to water and slosh your way to the flower pot. Hope that helps

I hope there's a sequel in the future.



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