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As the title suggests Fish'em All is out on WiiWare in Europe on Fri 29th May and will cost 800 Nintendo points.

Watch out for our developer interview later in the week.

Will you be picking this up when it's out?

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Dazza wrote:

Will you be picking this up when it's out?

No, definitely not.

I don't see, why I should pay for such a minigame, when I already have lots of similar games in WiiPlay. Plus there are far more interesting WiiWare titles out there.

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No! Yet more crud! Good job Boom Blox is out that day.



You guys have no sense of adventure. This game looks hilarious.

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It looks fun. If a friend had it I'd play it with him...but I probably wouldn't bother downloading it myself.




Currently leaning towards "meh, I hope the other game is better".

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I might, but 800 points seems a bit on the high side. Maybe I'll wait for one of my NL brethren to review it...

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I call we'll get this for 500 whilst EU have to pay more.
Anyway, I do hope it turns out to be somewhat enjoyable but as it stands I have no intention of getting it. Guys, don't be surprised if you see this game pop up in the NA Update this coming Monday or even shortly thereafter.



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