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I need help unlocking the street lights feature that allows you to stay up much longer than usual! I know I need to make all of the townsfolk happy, but what all can I do to make them happier? Thanks in advance for any tips you guys end up sharing with me!

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Pretty sure all you can do to help that is chat to the villagers, you can also boost your err chat powers? for a bonus effect, when the orbs are filled you can ring one of the helpers to activate it, haven't played it in years so forget the names and terms, but that's roughly how it works, you can also ask the penguin to help by chatting to people too.



Is this a game worth owning. I enjoyed My Life as a Darklord

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Never quit the day until the game automatically quits in the evenings/nights.
The days will get shorter if you go to bed early.
But also everything Reala said.

Yes, this one's in my book of Square Enix finest games.
The core 1500 Wii Points game is original, addicting, and long enough to be worth it.
You have much freedom of where to place buildings in your town, making it either beautiful and creative or strategically productive.
They could have released it on Wii retail with all the DLC though. (It's 3900 Wii Points with all the DLC).
Very charming game. Pretty good graphics and a story with a twist in that typical Crystal Chronicles style, and an outstanding soundtrack (that seems to be a given in Crystal Chronicles games).
New Game +, and even New Game++ let you keep your leveled characters, after you beat the story.
There are cool new buildings and many stages to unlock in the main game and in the DLC packs.
First I played through the vanilla version, then I downloaded most of the stuff to use it on New Game+ and played through it again.
Only thing I didn't like, there are four costumes for 100 Wii Points each.
Bought them anyway, because I f'n need everything on 101%.
Also Can't be bad supporting a great game that could have been a solid 39,99 retail title. Excuses I know, costumes are rip off!!

Well, you know My Life as a Darklord.
That one really was brutal with its DLC making it 6700 Wii Points for the full game. For useless crab. And for very much needed crab that should have been in the main game. So don't take Darklord's imbalanced, overpriced DLC for an indicator of what to expect from my King. My King asked you for 400 Wii Points for the costumes, Darklord ripped your soul out and sucked 1600 Wii Points out of your pockets! FOR COSMETICAL CHANGES!! The plastical surgery craze was performed by Frankensteins on binded minds in reality but in a game it's just offensive. DLC has to be gameplay and content.

Anyway, it's long ago, but I spent 100 hours on My Life as a King, literally couldn't put it down. At the end of the day, I was like just one more day just one more day. For the next 40 days. I guess the magic of this game was not the building of your town, but also see it growing from a citizens perspective, and even interact with all the buildings and folks that come to visit or stay in the town. There was also the aspect of imagination because other than leveling and equipping your adventurers and sending them out to the many dungeons, you also had to read their adventure reports carefully to know what went wrong (if something went wrong, for example when they come back home exhausted and with no loot.) A unique and very passive, strategic battle system.

I Recommend trying the basic game, and if you like it, you know... do whatever you want.

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McGruber wrote:

Is this a game worth owning. I enjoyed My Life as a Darklord

yes it's much better than dark lord
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I wish Square would do a sequel or remake that expands upon the WiiWare game. Its a good game but the end is lacking much to do once you've built all the houses and buildings you can. Thats not the game's fault; it is a WiiWare game after all. It just deserves more.

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