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Has anyone picked this up? It looks a bit pricey for what it is...and the claim of 40 hours of play time or whatever is highly unlikely for a point and click adventure game (someone else pointed that out in a comment, and I'm inclined to agree), but I'm curious to hear how people are getting on with it.




There's reviews of the PC version around (sorry, on PSP can't post any links...) and it seems pretty solid. And a 10-20 hour adventure is what most claimed.

But yeah, I'd like to hear some impressions of the Wii version! =D

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To me, it looks like something the makers of Ratatoing (a Brazilian rip-off of Ratatouille) would make graphics-wise. As for the gameplay, I have no clue what it's like.

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I think CB knows my feelings on this game

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Has anyone bought the european version of this game? Is it translated to all the european languages? Or is it just in english?



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