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Have any of you tried entering? I haven't tried yet but I plan to soon.



The only Evasive Space competition I'll be entering is the one where everyone scrambles to see who can write the most seething letter to High Voltage...I think the winner gets their 1000 points back. I've read Tampon boxes more interesting than this game.

-Swerd Murd

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Oh, I didn't hear about that one. Care to elaborate with more details?



Swerd_Murd wrote:

I've read Tampon boxes more interesting than this game.

I ain't believin' that 'til you show me this box you speak of.

Also, what is this competition you speak of, KS8?

It's Wiiloveit, not WiiLoveIt. So there. Wanna play online? E-mail me: billy at wiiloveit dot com
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I thought this game was based on or around some of Arthur C Clarke's stories. Surely it can't be that rubbish sounding if such an author's content is used wisely?



If it is, it's very loosely based. The "story" is minimal and tongue-in-cheek. The game is not as bad as some say. It's decent fun if you have the patience to endure the occasionally frustrating level. Still stuck on the last level though, myself.
I'm not entering any contest though.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


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