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Hello all,

I am a huge Elfman/Burton fan and this game totally reminds me of this dynamic duo (as does World of Goo...)

So, I found this game while randomly looking at games that are "coming soon" on this website and immediately made an account so I can post on the forums. So, here we go.

What is going on with this game? Is it just taking a long time to release? Is it cancelled? What's the deal?



Oh no worries. I was just about to post what you just said, haha. Dude, Squibs Arcade looks really fun. I hope it doesn't move like an LCD game. You know how it's like 1 frame every 3 seconds? Man I hate that.



It looks like it will probably be a like a LCD game. I wish they would release EC first though

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Supposedly the PC version is TERRIBLE, though...



Yeah, it's got a LOT of hate. Alten8 have been working on the WiiWare version for a LONG time though, so maybe they've been making it better.

At the very least, it'll be 500 points, and have awesome art and music. That's good enough for me to buy it.

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^^ agree 100% with Popyman. The only reason I'd be playing it is for the art and music. I mean, you can tell from screeenshots and videos that it's not exactly revolutionary as far as gameplay.



I tried the PC version and to be honest, it was abysmal.

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yeah, along with swords and soldiers, i've been waiting for that thing to come out forever

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