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I've logged quite a lot of time with this great game. When I first got it, I was able to perform a number of great finishers, such as a Suplex, where I rammed the guy in the ground from his backside, and even a move where I literally pulled his mawashi off, and the game logo censored his privates (which got a standing ovation from me).

Then my data got erased and I had to re-download the game. Even though I'm already World Champion, have beaten almost all of the Yokozunas, have performed every normal throw, drop, and twist, and my stats are very high, I haven't been able to perform a single pro wrestling move. So how is it done? Do I have to perform a certain button input, is it based on a certain stat, or does it happen randomly with no rhyme or reason? I remember winning with the "sky high" move without attempting to do anything; I was merely trying to break someone's grip when I suddenly flew into space and landed on him.

So, does anyone know the answer to this?



Did you just say there's a move where you can tear the mawashi of a sumo!? I think I'm going to play this game again.

And regarding the topic at hand, I never was able to do the wrestling moves, so I'll be interested to know.

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edhe wrote:

Did you just say there's a move where you can tear the mawashi of a sumo!? I think I'm going to play this game again.

Yeah, you essentially "pants" him; he stands there for a couple seconds smiling at the camera, not knowing what happened, then looks down and realizes he's completely naked. Good luck trying to actually perform the move though :-/.



Cool. My fat Mii naked! Have to try this!


Alright, so here's what happened today. I was able to perform a pro wrestling move, but it was during training (I didn't know that was even possible), and therefore didn't count towards me having done it. And unfortunately, I have no idea what I did since I was just trying to beat my opponents as quickly as possible, as is the point of the training to begin with. I was just trying to do a normal throw.

Then something else happened, also during training. My sparring partner did the move where he pulls my mawashi off, twice! Either the guys in my sumo stable are complete dicks or they're jealous of me getting all the success. I can't be sure what button combo he would have used (obviously), but I did notice that both times it happened near the end, when I had already won 10+ matches. I couldn't seem to break his grip, so I tried to build my grab gauge and finish him off, but he started glowing just before I did and pulled my pants clean off. (And by the way, it's funnier than I remember; you just have to see it for yourself).

A similar thing happened when facing Singh; I got sick of him constantly grabbing me and nullifying my strikes, so I wanted to just fill my grab gauge and finish him off, but he had the same idea and filled it just before me before performing the 'Scrap Buster.' In this case, I had plenty of health, and he had a fair amount left in the red or yellow, so it may very well have something to do with the two grab gauges.

However, I remember near the beginning of the game when I had to fight one of the yokozunas and my stats were low, I was basically out of health, we were grappling, and all I was doing was trying to desperately break his grip, but he still managed to fill his grab gauge and finish me off with a 'Vertical Suplex,' so in that instance my grab gauge was completely empty and I was pressing the strike button.

Anyways, that's all I've managed to figure out, which is pretty contradictory and inconclusive :-/. I hope I'll be able to perform a pro wrestling move during a tournament match and remember the exact circumstances under which it was performed, or one of you will beat me to it.



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