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Can I ask for some advice: I'm about to buy a set of 2000 Points, only I'm not sure which to go for: WiiWare od DSiWare.

I'm either buying Beat.Trip Beat & Strong Bad 5 (I've finished all the others) and leaving 400 points for now, or going for the two Art Styles on DS and Real Football, with 200 left over. (I have both Plane and Pyoro already, natch.) No, I'm not choosing anything else, and no, 'buy both' is not an option.

Any solid suggestions?



Use a credit card to get 1000 points on each of them, then get your #1 option for each one.



No, because if I bought BTB, then I'd be wishing I got Strong Bad instead. And vice versa.

Thanks, though. I suppose I should of made it more clear how odd I am when buying anything. I'm often an impulse buyer, but then regret it all. (I spent the cash I was going to use to buy Little King's Story to get Hatsworth, and flipped when the game got frustrating mroe than usual.)



Bit.Trip Beat and Strong Bad 5 are both solid, fun games, I've got both and they're awesome.

I've never played AS: Code and Real Football, because they haven't been released here in the US yet (and who am i kidding, i still probably wouldn't bother with RF because soccer isn't really my favorite game anyway, lol). Code looked interesting, though, and i would already have it if it were released here. :3 But as for AS: Aquia/Aquite, it turned out to be not as much fun as I'd hoped. I was pretty bored with it after a while, unlike Pyoro which is rather addictive and great for a quick burst of gaming when you can't settle in for a more lengthy game.

I'd go for the Wii points if I were you, to be honest.

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Thanks. I agree, Football isn't my first sport, either, (That's be Rugby, by some way) but the size of the package makes me tempted.

Looks like it's Wii Points then, unless someone else has something to sya about it...



get what you want more or get em al its pretty simple lol

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