Topic: Drop Zone: Under Fire - a NEW fun looking WiiWare game

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Coming October 4th to the US, trailer and screenshots at the link above.
For such a late addition it looks surprisingly decent!

What do you guys think?
Will it turn out to be shovel-ware and promptly disappear or will it live on to gain recognition on Wii U's e-shop?

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So not affiliated with the old game drop zone then, had that on the gamegear thought it a bit odd they'd update that after all this time




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I wonder if it's based on the old Wesley Snipes movie? In all seriousness, it looks like a fun little high score shooter.



Got me thinking about Drop Zone on the GB. Good stuff. :3

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Looks pretty fun. The environment sort reminds me of TRON.

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Looks interesting. Do you think it will be playable with the Zapper? If it is, I might have to get it, because I love Zapper games.

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was hoping to see some coverage of this game on the site... nothing yet.
At least we can expect a review, right?



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I'm surprised no one has downloaded it yet and commented. I guess WiiWare is pretty dead at this stage. I checked out the manual, and it looks like it is compatible with the Zapper, so I'll probably get it, assuming the review is okay.

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It looks fine, this week maybe i get it.

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