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okey so for anybody in Europe who had bought a red wii bundle in 2010 came installed with a wii ware game called Donkey Kong orginal edition, this verson contains the cement factory level and all the missing animations from the NES version (for example Donkey Kong Climbing the latter. How come USA had not gotten this. let me no what you people who have played think of it



I thought it was a VC/NES (not WiiWare) game, but might be wrong.

I have seen it`s like the arcade original, but NES style. A unique never-seen-before version. I think they should release it officially for maybe 600pts or just release the arcade version.

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Yeah, I read up that its a built in wiiware game but i might be wrong, and yes, they should just cut the crap and let us have the full version all ready



Why isn't Donkey Kong or any of the other arcade Nintendo games in the Wii Shop? Why only the NES versions? Makes no freakin' sense!

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Because Nintendo hates earn money.

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