Topic: Discussion Will WiiWare games continue being released well after the Wii U launches?

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Do you think the WiiWare service will continue after the Wii U launches just as the DSiWare has after the 3DS launched?

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Yes. So long as companies decide to keep supporting the service. It generally takes about 1 or 2 years to make a WiiWare game, so if a company was to start on a project right now (let's say Jett Rocket 2 for instance - hypothetically speaking), there is a chance their game wouldn't release until after the Wii U is released.

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They should unless the game is made for Wii U hardware. It'll by like how dsiware comes on both system but 3dsware is oinly on the 3ds.

Hopefully they just keep the wiiware name and dont go all wiiuware.


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it'll stay for a while nintendo knows that not eveyone is going to jump on board the wii u least for the first year


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DSiware still exists so probably

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I hope we can import all our saves, games and memory from Wii to Wii U because i want to keep my games.

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Nintendo home consoles tend to die off before the next generation of hardware comes in imo, but whether WiiWare will follow the same trend or not almost entirely depends on 3rd-party developers and whether or not they want to support the game. I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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