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CaveStory 3D will be coming to 3DS. The original has been available on WiiWare. But is the WiiWare version that much better than the cpu freeware version? I've owned the freeware version for awhile, before it was released as a WiiWare title. I haven't spent the 1,500 points to aquire it, because I don't know if it's that much better than the freeware version. Does anyone know if it is? Oh yeah you can still download CaveStory for free at '' Let me know if you can spot any major differences. I may have to copy this thread in the WiiWare Recommendations thread. I wasn't thinking and this thread might get locked.

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(a) we know Cave Story can be had for free. If you want to advertise it so bad, please feel free to put a link into your signature as opposed to dropping it into comment after comment.

(b) Since you already know where to go with your question, I'll leave you to it. :3

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