Topic: Cave Story (WiiWare) extra play modes: how to unlock?

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I've just finished story mode (normal difficulty, core-destroyed ending) of this wonderful game, so was hoping to see some of the extra play modes unlocked on the menu screen. But I'm still getting three blanked-out lines of '???'

Anyone know if I've missed something, or got the wrong ending, or is this a glitch maybe?

Thanks for any help.



you need the updated version to play thru as curly and you must defeat her in your playthru. boss mode/sanctuary attack mode beat the sanctuary in story mode

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Thanks vvaluigi. Damn! I've must've had the original non-updated version sitting on my Wii for ages!

EDIT: Started with a new save and extra modes are unlocking now (at least the Curly Brace one, only got so far). Just goes to show that NIntendo need a proper patching service with the Wii U, or at least some notification to tell you if you've got the outdated version of a game. (Was amused to find the Skyward Sword Save 'Channel' [i.e., patch] under WiiWare shop. At least they fixed it though.)

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