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I don't know what it is, but I always have to do a double take when reading the title. Something about the word "Flux" makes me see this, this, and this.
I truly am a fan of the series though.

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What about the story? My theory is that CV contemplates his life to his death, seeing what he has left behind and accomplished. considering what the released teaser music have samples from transition. Or something like that.

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Spoilers from that article
It's Beat backwards? I assume there's something they're not telling us..... right???
The pattern of the dots mean something? How exactly might I figure that out?
The ending is amazing but no one will have any idea what happens? Sounds familiar...
I quite enjoy Angry Birds.
That story didn't seem all that basic to me.....
More 3DS info pleeeease.
Bit.Trip not over after all? Maybe?
/End Spoilers

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...actually, good call. I'm going to make it mine too. I've been having problems getting backgrounds to stay set, though.

So it's quite obviously what we thought it was, a back to the beginnings kind of think. Our leading guess on TvTropes is that the twist may be:


CV's kid.

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@Starcross Thanks for warning about the spoiler. I ended up reading to right before the second picture (the one with all the pink lines). For those curious: No spoilers there.

"Oooh, yes I said it! I said it! I said it 'cause I caaan!"
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Lol, Holmes redeemed himself. Check out the comments, I'm Paperclip on there.

Though I am still not going to read the rest just in case >_>

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