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I linked the wrong pic. Sorry. I never got to try that one.

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It doesn't matter as long as Tiger is essentially dead.
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Corbie wrote:

Atari Jaguar was 64-bit...

Loosely speaking...

In a last ditch effort to rescue the Jaguar, Atari Corp. tried to play down the other two consoles by proclaiming the Jaguar was the only "64-bit" system. This claim is questioned by some[9], because the CPU (68000) and GPU executed a 32-bit instruction-set, but sent control signals to the 64-bit graphics co-processors (or "graphics accelerators"). Atari Corp.'s position was that the mere presence of 64-bit ALUs for graphics was sufficient to validate the claim.

It also had a 64-bit data bus, but clearly there was some creative calculations going on. I'm also a former Jag+CD owner (though I traded up to the Playstation once I got my hands on Williams Arcade Classics). The TG-16 was an 8-bit CPU with an 8-bit co-processor as I recall, so NEC were even more guilty since the TG-16 didn't have any 16-bit components I'm aware of.

The whole "bit-ness" argument is pretty much irrelevant, though; I blame NEC from highlighting it in their marketing and Sega and Atari for following on. Thankfully no one talks about these things any more!

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A bit is a piece of metal or similar synthetic material that is placed in the mouth of a horse or other equid and allows a rider to control the animal. It rests on the bars of the mouth in an interdental region where there are no teeth. It is held on a horse's head by means of a bridle and has reins attached for use by a rider.

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That joke bit.

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Was there anything that ran 4-bit?

I don't even thing you can even make a digital instruction under 8 bit... I was a bit boggled about that about the Atari 2600 was a 8Bit console. If they want to be "Accurate" about computer tech in this game, they could go as far as "Tennis for Two", the very first video game that was built on a vectorgram screen that was controlled by an analogue computer, oh yes analogue computers do (well... did) exist! They could mode "Analogue" mode look a bit like a what PAc Man would look like if it was spliced with Geometry wars.




There was an interview with them on IGN where they said they realised the 2600 et al were also 8-bit, but they called stage 1 4-bit just to distinguish them from the later 8-bit consoles. There's some nice screens too where they have a still shot indicating the bit-ness of the level and a little history about that generation of systems.

I really think this could turn out to be the first Bplus game that has success on WiiWare.

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